free hugs


Where am I? Is that the right question though? In certain eastern thought the goal is to get rid of the I even though you are not supposed to have goals in that same eastern thought so I’m confused. And I suppose if I did get rid of the I the where would not matter because it is relative to the I that is you can’t have one without the other you see if there is no I there is no where. I asked myself this question on acid thirty-five years ago and suddenly I was floating away in the air waving and saying goodbye to me and then blackness for I don’t know probably not long. There was neither an I nor a where at that moment but there has to be a better way. Something needs to happen soon but not a thing actually. Words are useless. Except for free hugs. That I can understand. And a few others.


One thought on “free hugs

  1. Words cannot communicate, for the part that is in turmoil doesn’t have language cannot communicate except through what you feel .. touch, true empathy will help .. btw there is no issue in having goals, so log as one doesn’t treat them as if they have happened .. you can move towards your goals whilst you stay present, – the aim I feel is to live in the present, taking and integrating the learning from the past to help create your future … your strength comes out of facing and overcoming these challenges to your beliefs and moving beyond these … by the way .. you will get through this .. Hugs 🙂

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