pizza box


They say
this too shall pass
and everything has up till now.
The dog starts humping
my leg and I tell him
cut it out
you’re not the man of my dreams
or maybe you are
maybe you are.
Anyway, what dreams
they passed.
And what man.
There’s no water in that
vase of sunflowers
three sunflowers
on my sister’s table
and they are holding up
looking not too shabby in fact
wilting gracefully
more or less
like an unloved woman.
Nobody will fill the vase
I know this house
it’s like the world.
Nobody puts water
in the dog’s bowl either.
Now he has
a pizza box
he’s shredding
the pizza box
wagging wagging
shaking his head
that’s life
shred it and wag
and shake your head.
Then he comes to sit
at my feet
looks up to tell me
and I say
oh that was fun
wasn’t that so fun
your pizza box.


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